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I. General Information of the college
1. Name of School: College of Industry and Construction
2. Type of School: Public
3. Agency / Department in charge: Ministry of Industry and Trade
4. Established under Decision No. 2919/QD-BGDDT 08/6/2006 of the Minister of Education and Training.
5. Headquarters: Phuong Dong commune- Uong Bi city - Quang Ninh Province
6. Address
Headquarters: Phuong Dong commune- Uong Bi city - Quang Ninh Province
Agency: Ha Phong Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province
7. Contact Information:
Phone 033. 033. 3854497 Fax 3854302
Website:        E-mail
8. Mission
Bring social and community benefits from the best quality of training, scientific research, technology transfer and services, to contribute effectively to the industrialization of the country, holding maintenance of national security and system development VietNam Education – Training
 9. Vision
Strive to become the University of Technology with multi-level training, multi-disciplinary, multi-sector, recognized the quality of education in Vietnam and the region, active integration into global education, attract investment technology at home and abroad.

CICs History

     After the Victory Spring 1975, peace was restored, the North and the South was united after over 30 years of resilient and heroic struggling. The duty of liberating the Nation had finished, the revolution changed into new era: The whole country transited to socialism in the context of all infrastructure such as: factory, enterprise, mine, road…were severely damaged by war. M aterial facilities was backward, handicraft labour productivity was low ...

     In that context, 4 th Congress of Representative Vietnam Labour Party (December, 1976) proposed the strategic guideline, policy aiming at restoring the national economy quickly with the guideline “technique and science is key” to speed up the economy, creating the firm foundation to put Vietnam forward to socialism.

     The Ministry of Electricity and Coal was established (splited from Ministry of Heavy Industry). Factories, mines, and enterprises were promptly restored. However, a majority of labour forces were mobilized and encouraged for the Anti-American Fighting Cause, many of them sacrificed and became wounded soldiers… Hence, industries from local to central authority were in severe shortage of cadres and technical workers .



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Phuong Dong commune - Uong Bi city - Quang Ninh
Tel: 033.3854497 - Fax:033.3854302
Email: -